Saturday, November 10, 2012


Skua is an exchange for things on station where things can be left and taken. This shack holds skua and is a good place to find long underwear or xbox controllers. Skua is named after skua, a trash eating cyborg bird. They were created by a defense company that made UAVs and unleashed on the continent to help pick up the trash. They also developed a taste for baby penguins and have an inexplicable hatred for blue hover sleds. Which is hilarious since there's blue hover sleds everywhere on Antarctic stations. Turns out the $100,000 per unit price of the hover sleds weren't commercially feasible so the thousands of unsold units were bought by the government and they're used as food trays on station. Occasionally they get to live free and sled down some hills too.

A lean mean trash eating machine

A hover sled


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